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Week 15 Results!

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A shortened week, in terms of the pregame picks, due to the All Star Break... but a week is a week, and there were 4 games played -- meaning 12 points were up for grabs!

4 people were able to rack up 3/4 of those points (that's 9 points for those who don't want to do the math):
halofolife, highlandhalo, pendletonmike, scottnak! Congrats to all 4!

Find where you stand by clicking the distribution graph below


Overall, 44FAN continues his reign on the top with an average run for this week. Since most people in the Top 20 had similar average weeks, the changes near the top were very minute. leftwing inches 1 point closer, to make the gap between the top down to 5.

Within the Top 50, scottnak climbs the most spots (8) and gets back into the Top 20. Stirrups and HawaiiHaloFan35, falls the most spots (5) due to a slightly weak week.

Also, since the "first half" of the season is over, i'm going to split off the first half in a separate excel file. So, really this is your last chance to hunt down any mistakes you might see from the first half! There's a whole bunch of new stuff in there too: Weekly averages, PPG* (points per game), WW (weekly wins), Inactivity is also highlighted**. In addition, out of kindness I've changed anyone's scores who had weekly scores of less than -1 and just resetted them to -1.

DESPITE the fact that I do my best to MAKE SURE you guys get the procedure right.
It's there BEFORE the form (w/ a link to ensure your picks went through). It's there ON the form. And occasionally it's on AFTER you submit the form.

Rules are also occasionally posted by the Rev, and it's on the sidebar always!

*cough* Anywhoo. If you want to see the spiffy first-half graph or the current cumulative standings... I suggest you hit the jump. (Seriously). Add your comments, gripes, suggestions, hopes, wishes, accolades, and predigistications*** too!

* PPG requires that you have played at least 50% of the games! The formula is simply Pts / GP.
** Those highlighted as Inactive may be deleted from the system..... ESPECIALLY those with one-play-and-stops
*** Not a word.

First Half Results
Cumulative Results -- Note you can always see the First Half Results by clicking the "1-14" heading!