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Rob Neyer Jumps On The Phyzz-Haters Bandwagon

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I just saw this on Rob Neyer's ESPN blog "The Sweet Spot":

Lest anyone think that Dayton Moore is the Only Man on Earth foolish enough to believe that Yuniesky Betancourt is a good baseball player, witness this exchange overheard just moments ago on my home picture machine:

    Steve Physioc: Betancourt, the young man who was acquired from the Seattle Mariners just a week ago. And there was a lot of criticism in the Kansas City area about the acquisition of Betancourt, but you and I felt that he was one of the top three defensive shortstops in the American League, and Kansas City is not deep at that position in their entire system.

    Rex Hudler: I don't know what would be wrong with that move. You got him a nice fielder, young guy, already signed for a couple more years.

What's odd about this particular moment is that many of today's fans have moved ahead of the mainstream discussion. Much of that is generational, as broadcasters like Physioc and Hudler -- frankly, most broadcasters -- learned their baseball in the 1960s and '70s and simply haven't bothered to keep up with everything that's happened since then.

What's also interesting about the blog post is some of the comments:

As an Angels fan, that conversation is probably one of the most intelligent things that dynamic duo will discuss all season (that's not a compliment). They ascribe to all the normal broadcaster lingo:

Young = been in the league less than 8 years
Top defensive = he's made at least two diving plays against the Angels

Although in Physioc's defense, he did say that he "was" one of the better fielders in the AL, not that he still is...okay, never mind, I got nothing. Those two are awful.


...I'm a lifelong die-hard Angels fan, but "Fizz & Hud" are by far the worst local announcers I have ever heard. I cringe when I tune in & hear them calling the game. What makes matter worse is that the Angels have some quality announcers in Rory Markus, Terry Smith & to a lesser extent Mark Gubicza who often do the radio broadcast for them & have frequently done the TV broadcast as well. I'll never understand the loyalty that Mr. Moreno has shown to the two clowns who so frequently embarass themselves & the organization.

I don't mean to beat a dead horse and continue this topic, but I found it interesting that the Angels announcers are starting to get some national "attention".