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Mike Napoli with the walk-off; Angels comeback again!

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Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 6, Twins 5

It was a rocky start for the starting pitcher Jered Weaver, but aside from the 1st inning and a small blemish in the 6th, he bounced back to provide a good outing until the 8th. Jason Bulger wasn't able to keep the 8th quiet and let another run through. But wait, the Angels aren't the leaders of come-from-behind wins for nothing. Little by little the Angels chip away at closer Joe Nathan, and another freak-collision between the baseball and 2nd base allows the Angels to tie up the game!

And the comeback is topped off with a Mike Napoli walk-off double in the gap to right-center field!
Just another Halo Victory!

(Tip of the cap to 2nd base and lady luck tonight while you make your PANTHER pick below)

Rev Halofan Reporting: Just back from the game. A great, unexpected come from behind masterpiece that combined as much luck as it did skill and overall a perseverance against high odds that most major league clubs flat out give up on when they are faced with.The Angel Stadium DeeJay played I Love Rock-N-Roll in the 8th inning and the camera showed that Joan Jett was in attendance tonight - hope she stayed and saw a glorious comeback against one of baseball's best closers.

The Angels were on the periphery of this one, a longish game that served to slowly exhaust the Twins physically while the Angels stranded 15 baserunners in working thru the Twins. Joe Nathan threw 30 pitches and it is hard to believe he surrendered 2 runs with that 1.21 ERA he entered the game with.