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Unlikely Angels Feast on Afternoon Twinkies

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Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Angels 11, Twins 6

The hard luck Minnesota Twins faced a "gimme" daytime Angels squad with journeyman Matt Palmer plopped into the rotation shuffle and 98-pound Maicer Izturis batting 2nd. But when things are going wrong for your squad, they are really going wrong as little Izturis pounded a three-run homer to RF, Palmer pitched 5 competent (if nervous) innings of 2-Run baseball and a 9-run 4th inning ensured an easy afternoon delight for the Halos.

Izturis' final line on the day was an impressive 2 for 4 with a HR, double, a walk and 3 runs scored To go with his 3 RBI. Palmer allowed 4 hits in 5 innings. The 30-year-old rookie got his 8th win in the bigs. He is an unexpected 8-1 on the season. His only blemish was 3 walks and a 2 run blast surrendered to XL-buffet-king Jason Kubel. Angels All Star leadoff hitter Chone Figgins had a solo HR among his 2 hits, a walk, 2 RBI, 3 stolen bases (giving him 31 for the season) and scored three times.

The only Angel to not get a hit in the game was CF Gary Matthews Jr. who is only there because of Torii Hunter's visit on the disabled list. The Angels are 12-2 since then, but that might be attributed to the Hula Dula cheer-leading in the dugout instead of being off in distant CF, who knows?

Despite starting the season 6-11, the Angels are now 20 games over .500 and possess the longest winning streak in the major leagues at 8 games (not that ESPN would ever lead off their Sportcenter with that even though they stroked the Yankees like a stud when the Pinstriped Roiders made it 6 straight 3 days ago).


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