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Week 16 Results + Announcement!

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A perfect week for the angels! What a week it has been!

Unfortunately the pregame picks didn't result in a perfect week, but who really cares right?
44FAN and WiHaloFan can be proud to say that they won this week though, racking up 10 points!

Click the chart to see how you did this week!


Overall, it should be obvious that 44FAN continues to lead the race, and has extended his lead (after it had been dwindling for some time!)

Hit the jump to see where you stand overall AND for the announcement!

Take a look! The lead between 1st and 2nd has expended once again! And taking a look at the top 50...
Biggest jump: HawaiiHaloFan35, up 8 
Biggest fall: TheGrinch, down 8

And the announcement? Well, that's about me once again. I'm heading off to Japan/Korea for the next month (starting on the 30th). So... that means, don't expect results up right after the game. In fact, it might be more likely that it'll come right before the next set of pregame picks are up. They might come in bunches, but I'll try my best to get 'em up after a day's worth of traveling.

Just a heads up! Alright. Let's go for another great week!