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Ervin Santana Hit Hard; Twins Delight at Angels Pitching Holiday

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Final Score in Southern California: Minnesota Twins 10, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1

The Angels 8-Game winning streak was dead and buried in a 30-pitch first inning on a 93-degree Anaheim afternoon, as Ervin Santana was obliterated in the 4th inning after being exhausted in that 2-Run 1st.

The Angels now lead the Texas Rangers by 3 and a half games with 65 games left to play. The Rangers have 66 remaining. Santana gave up 6 ER and Shane Loux gave up 3 ER ... why lookie there, the pitching might need to be improved and the all-enticing trade deadline looms a scant 108 hours and 15 minutes away... What will they do?

Well what they did NOT do this afternoon is deliver baserunners. The Angels stranded 16 men on base - that is fine if the opposition bats are shut down... but they were most definitely not as Santana delivered up fastballs straight and narrow on a tee to be hit away from fielders. Let's hope memories of this one melt away with some new blood by Friday!