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Vladimir Guerrero: Top 100 Angels #2

Why is Vladimir Guerrero the #2 Angel of All Time?

Well first, let's ask why is he not the #1 Angel of All Time?

Vlad holds more franchise rate stat records (Batting Avg., Slugging %, OPS, Offensive Win %) than Tim Salmon (our obvious choice for #1 Angel of All Time). But Tim has more than twice the number of Plate Appearances and a ring.

Against our #3 Angel, Brian Downing, Vlad trounces Downing's rate stats.

Like our #4 Angel, Nolan Ryan, Vlad was the defining player of his Angels generation, more than just the face of the franchise, but the player that transformed how people thought about the Angels. And Vlad did not jsut paly every 4th day.

Vlad ranked 16th All Time Angel after the 2005 season (LINK to STORY) and only 1,274 Plate Appearances. With just over 3,300 at present, he is undeniably the most important player from this team in their most important and accomplished decade.