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My Final Offer for Roy Halladay

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Dear JP:

Take it or leave it: Joe Saunders and Jeff Mathis plus choose one of Howie Kendrick or Brandon Wood. For this, you send us Roy Halladay.

I could imagine throwing in a pitching prospect but who the Angel internet analysts are looking at and who your scouts are looking at could be two distinctly different arms, so go ahead, toss in a name of a kid not named Sean O`Sullivan if you want to make it a four player deal.

You have until 1 PM my time today and remember that you have to get Roy to give this trade a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Because I will trade Mathis and Trevor Reckling to Cincinnatti for Aaron Harang if Mister Pinkyday nixes the deal.

Think it over your Molson Lite Breakfast and get back to me. Don't do something stupid like think Roy wants to pitch in Arlington only for him to turn you and Nolan Ryan down. And don't go strengthening the Red Sox like a fool idiot.

No offense if you already consider yourself a fool idiot like most everyone else already does.


The Rev on behalf of the Ninja.