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Angels: We Will Win With What We Got

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Unless some bizarre time machine or double-secret deadline extension occurs, the Angels stood by and watched the trade deadline sail on by. The Disingenuous ESPN demoralized some Halo faithful with a last minute Roy Halladay rumor but it was not meant to be. Further depressing the average Angel fan is the likable Casey Kotchman going to the hated Red Steroid Sox.

Meanwhile - Read MATT WELCH'S EXCELLENT POST: we are playing .600 ball with a solid team. That'll cheer you up.

With Bulger's emergency save the other night, even the bullpen is coming together. The Starting Pitching is only terrible because we are spoiled with a few recent seasons worth of amazing moundwork - our offense is picking up the arms as they work through these minor bumps.

The Angels did not do much in 2002 at the trade deadline and all the press jumped on how terrible Bill Stoneman was. He could have traded Frankie and Ervin Santana to Cleveland for "proven" reliever Paul Shuey. The Detroit Tigers traded a prospect for "proven" veteran Doyle Alexander in 1987. They won the division, lost to Minnesota and did not make the playoffs again until 2006. The prospect's name was John Smoltz.

Repeat after me: WE WILL WIN WITH WHAT WE GOT. That is all.