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Bulger & Jepsen: Angels Relief Has Two Spellings in Extra Innings

Final Score in Minnesota: Angels 11, Twins 5

Well what do the media elites covering this team have to whine about now?

The Angels showed a major league resiliency in coming back from a 5-2 deficit to beat the Minnesota Twins in extra innings on Friday night. The final score of 11-5 in 11 innings belies a game that was nailbitingly close, especially considering the Angels are stuck with who they got. Well, who they got is Jason Bulger and Kevin Jepsen who provided three innings of relief without a baserunner. Jepsen was especially great, getting 3 strikeouts in 2 IP.

Bobby Abreu drove in 4 runs, Mike Napoli was 4 for 6 and nobody in the local press boo-hooed about the big bat fantasies they have been sublimating on this team for a few seasons.

But we didn't flush away the future for Heath Bell, oh dear this is terrible, all of our prospects are number ones and perfect why wouldn't Toronto take Trevor This or Trevor That or Brandondee and Brandondum for Roy Halladay? Wake up people, this is a team that stays in games and pressures its way to a close contest almost every night of the week.

Jepsen got the win. The kids are alright.

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