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Week 13 Results!

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So... how did you fare this week? I'm willing to bet your response is either "I ROCKED THIS WEEK!" or "Oh god, please no more of the all or nothings!!" And the way the points are spread out tells the story quite well...


3 people (Beachbum Willy, im4kiss, Scotty G) were able to hit an amazing 12 points!
Click the graph to see how the rest of you did!

Now to look at the big picture. Leader 44FAN fared well this week... and most of those in the hunt did about the same... so no big changes there.

Some interesting changes in the rankings worthy of noting. Within the top 50... Beachbum Willy was able to gain the most (16) places to grab 16th!. Unfortunately, teopeht and Monkeyspanked, both blanking out this week, lost 12 places, the worst of the top 50...

Anywhoo. Take a look and hope you had a great 4th o July! Don't forget to make your next picks!