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Angels defeat the Orioles. Vlad Guerrero homers again!

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Hell yeah! Angels win again. Light up the Halo!

In a game that Joe Saunders did everything he could do to sink the Halos ship, the Halos offense answered. "Hey Joe" started of the first inning with home run, courtesy of Brian Roberts. The Angels offense, struggled a few innings with the wacky and lanky super tall curve ball pitcher, Rich Hill. While it seemed that maybe Joe found his stride for a few batters, he found a way to begin his slow and painful descent into a massacre of a game. In the third inning, the Colonel falters and gives up three more runs to AL East, offensive juggernaut, called the Orioles. The Halos offense being the good guys they are answer back and score three runs. NEAT. The following inning good ol' Joe gives up another run. In the fifth Joe decides to be a good soldier and act like a major league pitcher and gives up no runs. Then this wacky bald headed slugger Vlad decides to make an appearance, playing his first game in RF, and extends Joe some grace with a two run bomb, tying the score 5-5. Our All Star pitcher from last year answers with giving up another home run. After an error by Figgins, Sosh finally concedes and pulls Joe from the game. Spiers comes in and gets two outs. An Aybar double later the score is tied 6-6. The Angels bullpen, keeps the game tied until the Baltimore bullpen decided to make 4th of July Christmas for the Angels by giving up three runs with multiple walks, with multiple pitchers to make the score 9-6 Halos. To make a long story short, Saunders was terrible, Angels defense was suspect with two errors, Angels offense was satisfactory, and the bullpen did their job. Angels win 9-6