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Six Run Fifth Dooms Angels, Vladimir Guerrero Injured

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Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Rangers 8, Angels 5

Relegated to Designated Hitter when he wasn't on the Disabled List this season, Angel Right Fielder Vladimir Guerrero showed why he is a DH, twisting his knee awkwardly fielding an easy single hit right to him. He was removed from the game immediately. The official prognosis is a strained muscle behind his right knee according to FSN West's drooling pervert/postgame announcer Bill MacDonald. Thank you Montreal concrete turf. To think that Jim Rice played in a little league park and got into the Hall of Fame and Andre Dawson was more dominant in Montreal and all it got him was a limp and ignored after the applause faded.

Vladimir Guerrero will likely be listed as Day-to-Day and that popped out of this stream of consciousness monologue before I even bothered checking with my sources (aka: The Team Website).

John Lackey put two idiots on with two outs in the 5th in a game he was cruisin' thru effortlessly. All of a sudden he hangs a pitch on a tee to Andruw Jones and bammo the score is tied. Then a hit a walk, something else, a base-clearing double and bam-bammo, the Angels are back in a tie for 1st place.

So it is 6-3 but we push and make it 6-4 and then Bobby Abreu strikes out with the bases loaded. The next inning Mike Napoli flies out with the bases loaded and two outs, so the Angels were in this stinker of a game. No word on whether any of them attended Michael Jackson's funeral at the Staples Center or whether mentioning that in a post will yield me 500,000 surch-injun hits between now and tomorrow morning.

Basically, Lackey walked the tightrope and nibbled too long before it snapped out of precise alignment in our favor. Then we could not come thru with El Clutcho and the game ended and we play Texas again tomorrow.

The awesome Juan Rivera hit two solo homers in the game.