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Angels Leave First Place, Torii Hunter and Vlad Guerrero Hurting

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Final Score in Adventureland: Rangers 800, Angels -1

Minus Vladimir Guerrero (listed as day-to-day with a sore knee muscle) and Torii Hunter (out indefinitely with a nagging groin injury), the Angels did not look like a first place club and, on cue, they fell out of first place Wednesday night. A feeble Angels offense and terrible pitching combined to hand the division lead to Vicente Padilla and the Texas Rangers. Texas looked good stacked up against Anaheim's AAA lineup and slapped around the AA display of pitching. Knowing Texas has a tougher 2nd half schedule than any other team and certain that they cannot reproduce these same results against major league clubs, Angels fans can wait and hope.

But it has been a terrible short stretch for the Los Angeles of Disneyland crew... Howie Kendrick can't hit, Torii Hunter is an All Star injury, Vladimir Guerrero is running out of gas on the highway to Cooperstown, John Lackey imploded with a 3-run lead and almost a 5-inning shutout, Ervin Santana has nothing in his arm besides a $30 Million check from Arte Moreno and Chone Figgins is suddenly the little spark plug more in need of a tune up than an All Star Game appearance.