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Angels Announcer Steve Physioc: Worst in Baseball

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Steve Physioc, the worst announcer in baseball, sealed his claim to this title on Wednesday night. In the late innings of an 8-1 blowout loss to the team that was about to throw the Angels out of first place, The Kansas Tongue blabbed on and on about the impressive night that Texas Ranger Andruw Jones was having.

Yes, on a local telecast - one whose audience is easily comprised of 90 -  95% Angels fans, Steve Physioc gushed about Andruw Jones hitting three homeruns off of Angels pitching.

Late in the broadcast of one of the most depressing games of the season, one absent an injured Torii Hunter and Vladimir Guerrero, one that saw an implosion of pitcher Ervin Santana, Steve Physioc excitedly implored "Angel Fans" to stay tuned to possibly see baseball history being made. History in the form of a potential fourth HR surrendered by Angels pitching to Jones. He was dejected when, in the next inning, Jones struck out, denying Physioc the chance to "make the historic call."

This delusional piece of garbage is under the impression that people other than Angels fans are watching Fox Sports West broadcasts of Angels games. This is just not happening. Despite a winning decade and a solid reputation as one of baseball's classiest franchises, the Angels are 2nd fiddle to the Dodgers in baseball coverage and interest in the Southland and a distant 5th behind the Lakers, USC football, UCLA basketball and the Dodgers in casual fan interest tuning into the game. And casual fans tune out quick in 8-1 blowouts, but there is Fugtard Fizz the circus barker, cutting to a commercial with a promise of exciting baseball history about to be made at the expense of the Angels.

His ego insists that this is a national audience with a varitey of fans. It is not, it never has been (with the exception of last September and October of 2002) and with hick amateur Steve pretending he is Brent Musberger's altar boy, it never will be. The Angels have minor league announcing with Physioc at the microphone.

This is unacceptable behavior for an announcer on a local broadcast. Steve Physioc angers committed loyal fans who mute out promos for team events and paid sponsorship spots, not to mention Fox's paid commercials. Steve Physioc is a cancer on Angels team marketing efforts and lessens the enthusiasm that the fan base has for their team.