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THURSDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Torii Hunter Hurt Too, Angels Still In Mix For Halladay

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Andruw Jones powers Rangers into first place - Los Angeles Times
Andruw Jones -- yes, that Andruw Jones, the same overweight, underachieving outfielder the Dodgers paid $21 million last winter to go away -- hit home runs in his first three at-bats Wednesday night to lead the Texas Rangers to an 8-1 romp of the Angels.

Torii Hunter, Vladimir Guerrero undergo MRI exams - Los Angeles Times
Torii Hunter and Vladimir Guerrero played the outfield together Tuesday night. They were together again Wednesday undergoing MRI tests at the Orange Imaging Center, not exactly the place the Angels want their Nos. 3 and 4 hitters to be hanging out. Poll Results
Who will win the A.L. West?

Could B.J. Ryan make the Angels bullpen better? - Earl Bloom -
There’s a Toronto Blue Jays pitcher who, I believe, the Angels can obtain for a lot less than it might take to get Roy Halladay out of Canada.

Halladay and Wells a package deal? - MLB Daily Dish
According to a report in the NY Post, the buzz around MLB is that if you want to acquire Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay you might also have to be willing to accept Blue Jays centerfielder Vernon Wells. Wells, who still has $107 million remaining on his contract, is certainly not your typical throw in. Should this be the case expect this to greatly narrow down the teams that could possibly acquire Halladay. It probably would make only the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Dodgers and Angels the only contenders.

I mentioned this in a comment a couple days ago, but now with Hunter hurting and Guerrero out, would the Angels take on Wells' salary?

What should they offer for Halladay? - Steve Bischeff - Los Angeles Times
Already, among beat writers, Internet columnists and bloggers around the country, the speculation has begun. Which, if any, teams have the deep reservoir of young talent necessary to pull off a deal for a player of that caliber?

I read somewhere the Cardinals told the Jays to pick any 5 players from their minor league rosters. Could the Angels do the same thing, and would it be enough?

Rivera the first multi-year free agent to pay out - Sam Miller -
It’s official. After his second home run last night, Juan Rivera has now been worth $13 million to the Angels, more than the entire amount he’ll be paid for his three-year contract.

Is Kevin Jepsen the Reliever the LA Angels Have Been Looking for? - Bleacher Report
From 2002-2004, the Angels' bullpen lead the American League in ERA, and in nine years it has never been worse than eighth. As of July 7, the Angels' bullpen ranks 14th—good for dead last in the American League—with an astonishing 5.02 ERA. Only Cleveland's bullpen has been tagged with more losses.

LA Angels Run Ragged on the Bases...Literally - Bleacher Report
Is it that hard to go 90 feet without screwing up? Seriously. Vladdy we know is a self destructive missile on the basepaths. He runs the bases the same way he swings: damn the torpedoes!

Mark Mulder's agent tells Olney he's ready to audition - MLB Daily Dish
According to ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney, Mark Mulder, the veteran left-handed pitcher who has spent the last eight months working on his flexibility and mechanics, has informed his agent, Gregg Clifton, that he feels like he's 95 percent, and should be ready to audition for scouts in the next week to 10 days.

Just sayin'...

Best (or possibly the worst) prank ever: