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Ervin Santana Completes a Gem, Angels Win 6-0

Forget the Mike Napoli bobbleheads, it was Bizarro Night at the Big "A". From the 2008 version of Ervin Santana dealing nasty pitches from the mound, to the bases loaded double off the bat of Jeff Mathis, the Halos showed that the bottom of their line-up can be just a potent as the top and middle.

43,000+ fans might have been at the game to receive their Napoli bobbleheads, but they left shaking their own heads out of the amazing night from Santana and Mendoza Boys. Using just 97 pitches, and inducing 3 double plays, Santana earned his third career shutout blanking the Rays on three hits while striking out six.

Reggie Willits (.219) broke open the scoring with a two-out single to center, scoring Kendry Morales and Jeff Mathis. An inning later, and also with two outs, Jeff Mathis (.213) cranked a drive off the left field fence just missing the Angels' first grandslam of the year.