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Shocked Dodger Fan Pronounces Angel Stadium Hot Dog "MUCH Better than Dodger Dog"

My 78-year-old mother visited Angels Stadium on Tuesday for the Game. She is a hardcore Dodger fan but one of my older brothers got Field Level seats and she drove out for the game. She hated the seats (10th row in Field 109) and complained about a few things, liked a few other things, pretty much what you would get with anyone visiting the stadium, but then she paused and unleashed a rant I shall try to paraphrase here...

"The hot dog here was so much better than the Dodger Dog. I didn't even want to try it because I hardly ever eat the Dodger Dogs anymore, they just aren't that good but I couldn't decide on anything else to eat so i tried the Angel Hot Dog and it was great, it put the Dodger Dog to shame, if enough people try both they're going to look at the Dodgers like 'Who do you think you are fooling' I wish our seats had been half as good as the hot dog."