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Ervin Santana is Back According to

After last week's detailed dissection of flaws in Ervin Santana's delivery from earlier this season when compared to last season, today raves about Ervin's mechanics in his most recent start.

There is an excellent video breakdown of Ervin Santana's improved mechanics from his 97-pitch, Complete Game Shutout of the Rays on Mike Napoli Bobblehead Night, I mean Tuesday.


Money Quote from author Alex Eisenberg:

So is he back? For now, it looks like he is. He’s not 2008 electric, but he looked as close to that level as he’s been all year ... The major thing for Santana is staying consistent. If he can consistently repeat the mechanics he displayed  ... as well as — and this is the big one — stay healthy, then he’ll be alright and be a major asset for the Angels heading down the final stretch of the season.