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Jered Weaver Unravels in Baltimore as Angels Lose

Final Score in Baltimore: Shhhhh...

A few good things about Friday's Game:

Michael Phelps being in a fender bender in the Baltimore red light district will still be getting ink, leading to dejected Orioles wanting to King Kong the local sports coverage and maybe gives the visiting Angels the edge for three games.

Yeah... that was a stretch, but you would have to be stretching to find any good in this game.

Oh here is something good: The Rangers choked up a 4-2 lead in the 9th inning, lost and remain 4.5 games behind the Halos. My real recap is after the page break...

The first inning was a laugher: Figgy gets on and is caught stealing, Izzy walks, Abreu strikes out and then Vlad hits a ball that literally bounces of the ground in front of home plate. It drops in and we are off to the races. Vlad charges second and a wild throw allows Izzy to score instead of it being the third out. With Vlad on Second, Juan Rivera barely misses a homerun and as Vlad scores, he settles for a trip- no wait, he gets thrown out at third. Bad mojo making the last out at third. Bad mojo making two outs on the basepath in an inning when you are facing a 21-year old starter who has appeared in a total of 4 major league games, a kid you could have had on the ropes.

Then Jered Weaver has the single worst inning of his career. In his defense, the umpire was up form the minor leagues and was literally shaking with nervousness. But Weaver threw lots of flat pitches in the middle of the plate. The Angels are looking to Lackey for a lot of innings tomorrow as Palmer, Loux (who really screwed the pooch in the 7th after a 1-2-3 6th) an Arredondo all took the mound. Looking ahead, Yikes is all one can say.