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MONDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Olive Garden Made Torii Hunter Barf

Santana's arm looks electric once more
A reminder that tonight's pitcher may actually be good

Hunter no fan of Olive Garden now - Angels blog -
One local paper had the balls to mention the name of the restaurant that made Torii Hunter sick and delayed his return to the Angels. It was Chicken Parmesan by the way.

Rehab was painful for Angels' Torii Hunter --
Meanwhile the Times euphemistically lays the blame on a "local Italian Chain" ... pussies.

Torii Hunter Sketch
Some kid's drawing of Torii Hunter because, hey, Most Art Sucks.

Reggie Willits Back to AAA
The Salt Lake Bees welcome back #11 as the Angels make room for Torii

Why Your Stadium Sucks: Safeco Field
Every stadium gets this Deadspin treatment: today it is the Seattle Mariners' Safeco Field.

Evil Angels :
David Pinto points out that the Angels have scored 666 runs this season

Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast (Subtitulos Español)
Iron Maiden sings about 66 in this live video with Spanish subtitles in case Vlad or Kendry are surfing the net