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Mel From Fullerton Not Succinct (Again)

LUNCH THREAD: I was screaming at Mel from Fullerton calling into Angel-Talk after the game last night suggesting that Ervin Santana be put in the bullpen should we make the playoffs. Mel thinks we need Lackey / Weaver / Saunders / O'Sullivan because it "gives us a different look" ...

...of course he blabbed on so long that I actually am not 100% sure of his point (or if he had one), and ended up on the 134 in Pasadena instead of the 5 South in East L.A. Mel owes me $3.11 for the gallon of gas that little detour cost me... yeah, Ervin Santana is so much exactly like John Lackey and Jered Weaver that we are hopelessly going to allow a playoff opponent to figure us out after being dominated by John and Jered that we better rely on injured Joe Saunders or 21-year-old Sean O'Sullivan in the middle of a series where one game can end our season.

Am I the only one watching games? Do people just have the baseball telecast on for background noise / glowing living room wall decoration?