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Week 17 Results!

Reporting in from Japan! Looks like the Angels have been doing well since hitting Japan... good to see!

Here are the results to game 101 (Friday) and 102's (Saturday) results!

First of all, a fix to an incorrect results posted. Game 100 (Thursday's game) had 0 as the answer to the number of HBP. The actual answer is 2! You can reference the fixed values in the weekly results link (below)

As for week 17, red floyd and vlad IS my man took the top scores for the week. Check that link to see where the rest of you landed (No graph today, sorry I'm exhausted)

Overall results? Well, of course 44FAN is still on top! The gap for first has started to shrink once again, but... well, we'll see how that develops eh?

Hit the jump to see the links!

Week 17 Results
Cumulative Results

There ya go. Be sure to say something if you find something off! I'll try to get to it as soon as i can get to it!