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Game Updates + Week 19 Results

Well, apologies for not being able to find a reliable upload spot lately (+ time). But I've got both today! So here is an onslaught of updates. Please Double check that the correct results go with the correct games!

109   110   111  112+      X    113 114
116* 117* 118*      Week 19^  
* Not included in W19

+ An error was found in this game. A fixed version can be found in the Week 20 Results post.
^ Due to an error in Game 112, these updates are INCORRECT. Fixed versions can be found in the Week 20 Results post.

4 people were able to nab the top spot last week! The all or nothing games certainly helped in letting that gap come about! Congrats to: Big Game Hunter, Dono Romantico, Epic Dean, ReggieBullits!

Overall: 44FAN still retains the lead, but a mediocre performance, coupled with a strong performance by those in 2nd 3rd and 4th makes a lead change ever closer... *dun dun* It's been 13 consecutive weeks...

Don't forget to make your picks!!!