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Sean O'Sullivan Bashed in Toronto, Angels Still Top Pythagoras

Final Score in Toronto: Angels 4, Blue Jays 5

Angels rookie Sean O'Sullivan didn't fool anyone as he allowed 4 Earned Runs in 1 Inning Pitched and wound up the loser in a 5-4 ballgame. Matt Palmer and Jose Arredondo filled in admirably for a team with no off days until September. As a 5th starter, O'Sullivan's days are numbered as Joe Saunders has thrown decent bullpen sessions and Trevor Bell has pitched serviceable for a number 5 (especially relative to SOS) ... or at least more together than Sean-O's most recent starts. A late inning comeback was squelched but the team showed a little bit of heart and soul after traveling all night from Cleveland to Toronto for the privilege of missing Roy Halladay on the mound.

The number of runs scored by the Angels was less than the number of runs scored by the Blue Jays, but totaled for the season, the number of runs scored by the Angels is more than the number of runs allowed by the Angels. But the Angels STILL lost the game tonight. In losing the game by one run the Angels continue to confound their number of wins and losses with the number that can be expected based on the total of their runs scored and runs allowed totals.

Do you believe in palmistry too, you pinheaded sabermetric mystic?