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Angels Win is Sixth on Ten Game Road Trip

Final Score in Toronto: Angels 7, Blue Jays 3

Angels starter Ervin Santana threw a quality start, scattering 7 hits in 6 IP, allowing 3 ER and striking out that many as well. The Angels bats had a 3-double 3rd inning and some late power to take the lead and insure it. Darren Oliver was a two-inning bridge and Kevin Jepsen slammed the non-save door shut.

Vladimir Guerrero and Juan Rivera had homeruns late in the game despite the early wake up call. Consider that after a lousy loss in Cleveland, the Angels flew overnight into Canada, had to go thru customs, et cetera, got to their hotels just a short time before sunrise only to play a miserable game on the carpet at Skydome/Rogers-Whatever-Center. Go to bed but get up this morning early for a 1PM start when they are still probably on So Cal time so it is like a 9:30 AM National Anthem duo... not exactly morning music you sing in the shower while preparing to face a pitcher you have never seen.

But they got it done and Canadian baseball groupie hoochies doing what they do best, the team can expect massage a trois all night if they just smile in the direction of the bleach blonds in the tight shirts in the hotel lobby tonight. Can they make it seven of ten tomorrow before heading home? Who leads the Angels in road hookups this season? So many questions arise when a comfortable 5.5 game lead requires Texas to bring their A-Game to the Tropicana Dome later tonight. Who can think of baseball while there is an unopened bottle of baby oil on the nightstand, baby, hand me that and get ready...