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Week 20 Results!

First a correction. Game 112 (a 4 pointer!) had a mistake. The correct answer was Darren Oliver and not Jason Bulger. So that has been fixed (and as a result the week 19 results. Find them here:

Game 112
Week 19 (As a result, tanana40 emerges as the sole leader for this week!)

And now thusfar unupdated games:
Game 119
Game 120

Game 121

Week 20 Results (Congrats to howiestheman for getting the top spot!)
Cumulative (*Note: Things may shift more  than they seem due to the error in last week's results)
[44FAN unsurprisingly continues to dominate!]

Thanks to those who caught the mistake from before. Just a few more days before I get back and everything will be back to normal!