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MONDAY ANGELS ROUNDUP: Mike Scioscia Says Angels Need 5th Starter, Notices Sky Is Blue

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Up next for the Angels: Monday vs. Detroit --
Jered Weaver vs. Justin Verlander

Blue Jays get to Trevor Bell early in win over Angels --
"Right now," Manager Mike Scioscia said, "we need someone in the fifth spot who will give us a chance to win."

Really?  What gave you your first clue?

Blue Jays 8, Angels 3 -
The AL West-leading Angels have lost three of four following a five-game winning streak and are 10-18 in Toronto since the start of the 2003 season.

Angels' bats ready to take on Tigers -
In the winter following the 2007 season, with fans howling for a big bat to protect Vladimir Guerrero and generate some power, the Angels took a serious run at the Marlins' Miguel Cabrera, only to be outbid by the Tigers.

NBC SPORTS & COVERS.COM: Matchups, Odds, and Injuries

Team Reports -
Manager Mike Scioscia said the team would re-evaluate its fifth starter's spot this week after poor starts by a pair of rookies this weekend (Sean O'Sullivan and Trevor Bell). With only two off days in the final six weeks of the regular season, the Angels do not have the option of skipping a spot in the rotation.

Team Reports II -
It was never going to be a comfortable fit for Vladimir Guerrero. But the lifelong opponent of the designated hitter rule has resigned himself to filling that role for the Angels this season. "Coming off the injury, because of the situation with my leg, it was a lot easier to think DH was the spot where I would fit in," Guerrero said through an interpreter. "It was just easier to think that way because of the leg injury and I knew I was limited. But I continue to work out in the outfield. I take fly balls off the bat (in pre-game workouts). "In that regard, I still see myself as a guy who can contribute in the outfield."

Vladimir Guerrero: What To Do With an Aging Slugger? - Bleacher Report
Only Vlad could look so bad and still be so good.

Old hands starting to deliver for new teams -
St. Louis Cardinals right-hander John Smoltz, released by the Boston Red Sox last Monday, and Philadelphia Phillies right-hander Pedro Martinez, unemployed a month ago, led their teams to victories Sunday.

Who else needed a 5th starter?  Oh yeah.

Joe's back; is charade over? - Angels Unplugged - Los Angeles Times
No big deal, they said. Just because Saunders and, earlier, Ervin Santana and Kelvim Escobar, were injured, no reason to go out and get a proven arm before the trade deadline. They figured they could rush a couple of the kids up to the majors, pay them a pro-rated portion of the big-league minimum and get by with what they had.

Abreu preaching patience with teammates -
"That could be," Abreu said of his influence on the Angels' lineup. "I know I talk a lot with Figgy and Izzy and Aybar and Morales. Just about hitting, about situations in games, trying to make yourself better than you are. Just thinking through this game. Don't wait until you're in a situation and react. "They can follow that because they see it's working for me. Why not give it a try?"

rallymonkeys: Napoli, Mathis laugh off critics
The Angels co-catchers are fully aware of the friction generated by the fact that only one of them can play at a time, given that the designated-hitter role belongs to Vladimir Guerrero.

Little League field named for Nick Adenhart -
The mother of the late Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart has fulfilled her top priority since her son was killed in an traffic accident in April.

August 24 - BR Bullpen
Events, births and deaths that occurred on August 24.
Seattle trades P Jim Bouton to Houston for pitchers Dooley Womack and Roric Harrison.