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Bobby Abreu HR Gets Angels Close, But Too Little Too Late

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Tigers 10, Angels 7

Jered Weaver was rocked early and then, gassed, handed a small deficit over to a bullpen that imploded. But a valiant comeback highlighted by Bobby Abreu's 3-Run Homer managed to give the folks their money's worth - Despite trailing 10-1 at one point, the Angels brought the tying run to the plate in the 8th inning. The Angels lead the American League West by 5 Games.

Jose Arredondo was the culprit of sending this game to an early grave, although it was Weaver's absurd 6th inning pith count that caused the pen arms to enter so early in the first place.

The Angels look tired, road weary, not used to being back in their beds yet, a few balls on the warning track might ordinarily have gone over the wall if there had just been a nap or two along the way the past couple of busy days. But it looked terrible at one time and at least Detroit has been forced to use a lot of its bullpen (along with their Ace Justin Verlander) heading into games Tuesday and Wednesday.