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Bandwagon Rumbles as Angels Lose 3rd Straight

Final Score in Tomorrowland: Tigers 5, Angels 3

Everybody was awarding Mike Scioscia manager of the year and rationalizing Ervin Santana in the Post-Season bullpen but a week ago, now suddenly with starting pitching as shaky as it has been all season, with the singles-slapping offense not bunching them together, and with no rest for weeks, who should begin abandoning the Angels faster than the pop from their bats and the movement from their fastballs?

Their fans, who emptied out of the Big A at 9:30 in a tight game that ended up lasting until almost 10:30. Yes, the high-expectation, front-running beachcombers of October 2002 are not getting any wins in three days and are whinier than a Shaker chaparone at Prom. Of course, the local press offers pouting editorials by LA TIMES blogger Steve Bisheff lamenting no superstar trade, calls last year's all star Joe Saunders "a charade" as he disappears in importance covering a team with the 3rd best record in baseball but no Kobe Bryant let alone even a Roy Halladay. Steve, Why so serious? We didn't get Roy Halladay and then Roy got shelled in two consecutive starts worse than Sean O'Sullivan or Trevor Bell. WAHHHHHHHH!

Then there is OC Register /FreedomBlogging's blogger Mark Whicker trying to pick a fight with Brandon Wood supporters thumping his 44-DD chest (biggest cans in the press box) and asking "Where are you Woood lovers now?" ... and then there is an echo in the blog responses. Of course, Whicker will shut his fat trap about the superiority of Figgy for a few days as he focuses on sniffing some jock he has expertly analyzed as the key to the season, writing a column that will be a series of questions posing as analysis, gutlessly making sure to put nothing on the line.

The world has not ended, the Angels have a four game lead in the West. You professional girls can all abandon ship, this team had the wining run at the plate tonight and the tying run there last night. Go root for the Dodgers, your brand of whine is not in vintage.