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Vladimir Guerrero 8th Angel with 1000 Hits

Wednesday afternoon's Angels victory saw a rare feat occur: Designated Hitter Vladimir Guerrero recorded his 1,000th hit as an Angel, becoming the 8th player in franchise history to accomplish this feat. The 34-year-old All Star hit a 5th inning single off of Detroit's Edwin Jackson.

We have compiled a list of the 8 Angels with a thousand hits after the page break. Before you click to see the list, try a few guesses, it is not as easy to get right as you might think.

Vlad is actually the 2nd player to join the 1-K-Halo Club this season, as Chone Figgins was a week ahead of him in breaking up the Gang of Six.

  1. Garret Anderson - 2,368
  2. Tim Salmon - 1,624
  3. Brian Downing - 1,588
  4. Darin Erstad - 1,505
  5. Jim Fregosi - 1,408
  6. Bobby Grich - 1,109
  7. Chone Figgins - 1,009
  8. Vladimir Guerrero - 1,000