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Kendry Morales Leads Angels Comeback Over Oakland A's

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Oakland Athletics 7, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 11

On a day when the Angels made a rare headline trade for pitching (acquiring Tampa Bay's Scott Kazmir), their homegrown hitter Kendry Morales poured on the power in leading an inspiring comeback victory. Morales was 5 for 5 with 6 RBI, 2 HR, a single and 2 long doubles, one of which had to be reviewed to be sure it wasn't a HR and some of us are still not sure it wasn't.

Starter Trevor Bell did not see the end of the 3rd inning, underscoring the need the Angels have for a Starting Pitcher. The rookie allowed 5 runs on 7 hits. Jose Arredondo pitched two scoreless innings for the Win and Brian Fuentes came in with a mop for his 37th Save, tying Lee Smith for 10th all time single season in Angels history.

Vladimir Guerrero had 2 hits and 2 important Ribbies in the 7-Run 7th inning to get the Angels back in the saddle. Erick Aybar's 2 hits included a headfirst sliding triple in an at-bat that was paused to give Morales his first Major League curtain call. In other offensive highlights, Torii Hunter extended his hitting steak to 12 games. Scott Kazmir is going to walk into one helluva happy clubhouse tomorrow afternoon. The only dilemma: Will Kashmir want Kendry's jersey #19?