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Is Jordan Walden is the Player To Be Named Later from Angels in Scott Kazmir Trade?

Is pitcher Jordan Walden is the Player to be named later in the Angels trade for Scott Kazmir? Read below for details.

1.We know that Joe Maddon has singled out the specific player he is excited to be getting. Since that means that the Rays are not waiting to select from a list of players, the only reason the third player in the Scott Kazmir trade would be a PTBNL is that the player is on the Disabled List.

2.Check out the list of Angels minor leaguers who are currently on the disabled list and therefore qualify:

AAA (Salt Lake City)

Daniel Davidson (LHP)

Ben Johnson (DH)

Anthony Ortega (RHP)

AA (Arkansas)

Michal Anton (LHP)

Brandon Florence (LF)

Chris Gutierrez (3B)

High A (Rancho)

Manuel Flores (LHP)

Tim Schoeninger (RHP)

Julio Perez (RF)

Mason Tobin (RHP)

When I scanned these lists this afternoon my immediate assumption was that the PTBNL was Mason Tobin BUT... wait a minute, Jordan Walden is on the Arkansas Travellers and is healing up from his elbow injury (he last pitched on July 13). Why didn’t I list him above?

3. Because a simple search for Jordan Walden on already has him delisted from the Arkansas Travellers in the database. That's the BINGO!