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Angels Bullpen Chokes Up Jered Weaver Gem

FINAL SCORE IN L.A. of ANAHEIM: Oakland Athletics 4, Angels 3

Jered Weaver was gassed after 6 innings. The bullpen was running on fumes after showing up in the 3rd inning on Friday. Weaver lost his W and relief scrub Rafael Rodriguez got the L, but it was Jose Arredondo, masterful in two innings last night, who loaded the bases and saw every runner score to tie the game. You know what they call that? A massacre. But wait, it gets worse later in the 9th inning...

Chone Figgins is on base with one out and Bobby Abreu hits a long flyball for out #2. Figgins tags up and breaks for 2B. He gets there but the tag gets him and the massacre is over. Figgins made the first out on the bases in Thursday night's 2-0 loss in getting picked off at 2B against the Athletics and he made the last out of Saturday night's loss trying to reach 2B.

However, when you are getting 2/3 of your night's runs on the rare Maicer Izturis HR and Jered Weaver nibbles so much that his 6 inning shutout costs him 119 pitches, victory is not exactly destiny with a gassed bullpen and day game tomorrow before a road trip.