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Jeff Biggs Welcoming Rev Halofan

I will be a guest of Jeff Biggs on his world famous THE DRIVE show today at 4 PM. You can listen to us live and call in to the station as well to discuss the Angels and Baseball ... as opposed to talking about Michael Jackson, although that did happen last time as he had just died that hour and we were both in shock. If you are out of the AM-830 audio area please VISIT THE SITE and notice the simple live streaming links in the upper right corner of the radio station's website there. Listen today at 4 PM Pacific time (that is midnight in England). And call in!

UPDATE: Well that was fun. Big thanks to Jeff Biggs for the invitation, to all of you who tuned in, and to Sandy at the Angels front desk for the box of Godiva chocolates as a parting gift. Mmmmmmm...