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Joe Saunders Kicks Out The M's; Angels Win 10-0

Final Score in Seattle: Angels 10, Mariners 0

Pitcher Joe Saunders looked rusty in a 28-pitch first inning, but getting out of a bases loaded jam unscathed gave him new life. He threw only 70 pitches over the next 6 and finished with 7 IP, 3 H, 4 K and 3 BB with no runs allowed. The Angels offense sent souvenirs into the Safeco Field cheap seats. Juan Rivera hit a 3-Run homerun and Vladimir Guerrero hit a pair of 2-Run homeruns.

Angels 3Bman Chone Figgins scored his 100th run of the season, Kendry Morales raised his batting average to Pi (.314) by going 3 for 4 and Howie Kendrick pitched in late with a 2 RBI single. Trevor Bell made his first major league relief appearance with two scoreless innings.

The Mariners, meanwhile, looked like a truck hit them. Ichiro missed his 8th straight game and Ken Griffey Jr was too hurt to play and it looked like the little league world series out there with weak pitching and a half-empty stadium, especially those lucrative home plate seats. The actor who played the power hitting Jobu-disciple in the film favorite Major League threw out the first pith, but the little statue of power was somewhere in mojo land and he wasn't happy with the Mariners. Thanks, Jobu!.