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8-4 Pregame Picks

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Play our Daily PREGAME PICKS at Halos Heaven before each game and get your results tabulated each week - see how you stand against other members of the world's biggest and best Angels fan community.


1 answer, 5 points: Name the first player in the game who will hit a homerun (either team). You can pick "nobody" if you think that nobody will hit a homerun in the game. On the Spreadhseet PLEASE write the first and last name of the player as they appear in the box score - no nicknames, etc...

You can post nicknames or allusions to the player in this thread, but the speadsheet has to be the first and last name as they appear in the box score. Be careful, you can get DQd (disqualified) for minor inaccuracies on this one ... but be tempted to compete by 5 whole points staring you straight in the face!

Use the form (Be careful!)
Comment Below (It'd hurt to forget this)
Check this link to ENSURE your picks are in (update / 5 min)
Irregularities should be commented below as well.

Are you SURE you spelled that name correctly?