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White Sox Snap Angel Win Streak with Walkoff Stroke

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Final Score in Chicago: White Sox 5, Angels 4...

I cannot say it is one of the ones that we should have won. It was one of those "games of inches" about which baseball aficionados drool when it is there team that wins. Chicago's Jose Contreras was wilder than a Wildebeast but the Angels found it difficult to cash in on all the gift runs he laid out under the Windy City Summer Christmas tree decorated with ample bases on balls.

John Lackey was the hard luck pitcher but he could have been a little sharper himself. The Angel bats might have come alive if Country Joe West had kept the strike zone consistent, but let's face it, there was a bit of a fizzle with the team tonight. Obviously, some of them found a wild party late last night and into early this morning in the Second City and they were a little worn around the edges... the sizzle was absent, and hopefully is not gone. When your bottom two batters are Gary Matthews and Jeff Mathis, you are throwing one and a half sheets to the wind before you pick up a bat, anyway...