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Welcome to Halos Heaven

Wow, Halos Heaven has gotten quite a few new members over the past few weeks. My recent appearance on Jeff Biggs' THE DRIVE radio show brought us some new members earlier this week, as did the trade deadline features we published which were linked on Angels-related articles on Yahoo Sports (through SBN's exclusive affiliation with them).

We post our Code of Conduct on the front page's right sidebar, but for all new members, and to reacquaint our older and returning tribe, please peruse the rules for posting and enjoying your time here at Halos Heaven. We're the #1 fan-equipped Angels blog because of the quality of the Angels fans like yourself posting and perusing here all season and beyond!

1. The Angels and Baseball are the topics. Have fun!

2. OPTIMISTIC? Don't bully others into cheering along

3. PESSIMISTIC? Bitch once, then be funny or offer a solution. Don’t bitch twice, it’s alright.

4. Most likely to be banned: Martyrs and Hostile Posters

5. Your opinion is always allowed, but so is anyone's opinion of your opinion

6. Use the F-word once a month maximum

7. No T&A pictures. No exceptions

8. No Ticket Sales

9. No posting pictures in game threads

10. Headlines for your FanPosts and FanShots MUST convey the Subject