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White Sox Full Moon Magic Eclipses Angels Momentum

Final Score on the South Side of Chicago: Angels 2, Bad Bad Ozzie Guillen: 6

The White Sox had three homeruns and the Angels grounded into three double plays. End of necessary information about this game.

The Angels might have walked into Comiskular Park on Wednesday, but they crawled out, losing a Sean O'Sullivan start for the first time this season as well as surrendering the power in their bats in the face of adequate pitching. After two games of facing the White Sox in Chicago, Mike Scioscia can confidently call up Ron Gardenhire and say "Wow, you really have atrocious pitching..."

What can you do but tip your cap to some veterans who waited for a meaty pitch or two to do their damage. What is Sean-O supposed to do except rhetorically say "Hello, I am 21, Thome and Konerko have been playing this game longer than I have been alive and ... well ... her ya go bro, swing away..."

Meanwhile Gavin Floyd made sure the Angel bats produced pathetic squibbers with men on to yield three double plays and then humiliated Bobby Abreu's bat-on-the-shoulders strategy late in the game with men on base and the chance to get back into the game had arisen.

Well Wednesday bout an hour ago
Scioscia shootin' dice
And at the edge of the bar
Sat a girl named Victory
And ooh that girl looked nice
Well he cast his eyes upon her
And the trouble soon began
And MIke Scioscia learned a lesson
'bout messin with the wife of Ozzie Guillen