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Angels Bats Rock Comiskey, 4 HRs Smother White Sox

Final Score in Chicago: Angels 9, White Sox 5

The Angels salvaged their series against the White Sox with a power-laden win over the Southsiders. Sloppy pitching by starter Ervin Santana managed to yield 4 runs in 6 innings, but it was much uglier than that. Fortunately, the Comiskey/US Cellular Launching Pad reputation worked for the Angel bats who hit 4 Homeruns on their way to their 64th victory of the season.

Rounding the bases on one-swing-solo-shots for the Angels were Bobby Abreu and Vladimir Guerrero, which was to be expected, but the surprises came from an early 2-run bomb by Jeff Mathis and some late insurance from Erick Aybar. Santana gave most of an early 5-0 lead back with a 3 run bomb to Jason Nix in the 2nd and walked in a run in the 3rd, but he swished around the powerful Pale Hose lineup and was rewarded with his 4th victory of the year.