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OC Register: Bankrupt, Unread, Angels Fans Won't Notice Disappearance

Wow, I had heard that things were terrible for the OC REGISTER, as their parent company is filing for bankruptcy and will likely just give their assets over to a lender (meaning a fire sale will arrive with unprofitable assets getting the axe). How much is the OCR in trouble? Besides the money situation, you have to wonder if anyone is reading the paper's coverage in face of numerous intelligent options in print and cyberspace.

For example, since 8:30 PM last night there was a link to this blog from the OCR's Angels Blog, and later this afternoon another link to this blog in a breaking story ... at a time of great interest in the Angels and zero competing fan interest (there is no real news about the Lakers or college teams this week) ... and as the picture here below from our sitemeter indicates, of the last 4,000 unique visitors to this site, exactly 15 arrived here from the OCR's Angels blog (url is "FROM THE DUGOUT dot FREEDOM BLOGGING . com").


How many fan-run Angels websites have a neutral third party monitor counting unique visitors? In-house numbers are all lies, our publicly available site-meter is the little green box at the bottom of the home page. According to our public SiteMeter, we'd had 3,500+ unique visitors since midnight access the site when i checked these numbers and made this screen grab just after 6:30 pm. Has the now-penniless OC Register even planned on employing its baseball writers to cover potential October baseball?