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Angels Fisted in Seattle

Final Score in Seattle: Mariners 2, Angels 1

The Mariners sent Doug Fister to the mound tonight to face a team that had beaten last night 10-0. Didn't phase him a bit. A composed performance assisted by a generous strike zone saw him guide the game, own the Angel bats and squeak by with a 2-1 victory. The Angels suffered from unlucky (as opposed to sloppy) infielding. Darren Oliver got the loss after a ball rolled over Erick Aybar's glove and then a big fly made Bobby Abreu look like a scared kid hiding from a dropping ball.

Ervin Santana pitched a gem but the occasional fielding lapse caused his pitch count to hit a hundred after 6 IP with only 1 ER scoring. Darren Oliver was fantastic but the unmagic gloves of lousy leather failed Darren as if the Mariners had Endora on their side and he was the Darren from "Bewitched" (the 2nd Darren, the smug, cocky one who was more annoyed by magic than terrified of it like the first Darren was). Darren could have just been annoyed with Bobby Abreu busy opening his AARP monthly coupon mailer in Right Field late in the game and approaching the dropping fly ball with veteran tentativeness. If Abreu is influencing his teammates, let's hope it is in how NOT to field.

Meanwhile the Rangers won a double header in Texas and trail the Angels by only 4.5 games. Next up: The first taste of the Kazmir trade as we are moving thru Kashmir to face the Queen, Felix Hernandez.