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Angels Loss in Extras Sends Blame All Around

Final Score in Anaheim: White Sox 4, Angels 3 in 10 innings.

Angels lose in Extras with tying run on 3rd, winning run at 1st, slumping catcher at the plate.

Ervin Santana gets no support and terrible defense from a fading Bobby Abreu. First-Pitch Happy Vladimir Guerrero makes the second guessers cocky, then wrong, then right all in the same game. Mike Scioscia overmanages precisely enough to make sure that Mike Napoli's slump becomes a psychological albatross. Figgins is batting worse than Mathis this month, Juan Rivera cannot square up a ball that is not sitting on a tee in the middle of the plate and Brian Fuentes is heading for demotionville, a trip that cannot come soon enough.