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Derryl Cousins: MLB's Tim Donaghy? Angels Drop Close Game in Bronx

FInal Score in the Bronx: Angels 3, Yankees 5

In the top of the 7th inning there were 2 on and nobody our when Chone Figgins went up to the plate. It was a 3-2 Ballgame and the momentum had clearly swung to the Angels.

With the count 2-0, Home plate Umpire Derryl Cousins called two painfully obvious balls as strikes and called a third strike looking soon afterward on what should have been a textbook bases on balls.

If you think the steroid scandal was bad, wait until on of MLB's umpires gets caught having thrown games, and in NYC, the capital of homoerotic mobster chic, who else do the wise guys buy off but the umpires?

Unless, of course, it is Bud Selig and MLB greenlighting a ratings-fest in October...

There was a playoff atmosphere at the house that Roids built as a possible ALCS playoff matchup was everything it had been advertised as. Jered Weaver was great and his only mistakes were to ex-Angel Mark Teixeira, who watched his replacement Kendry Morales choked in the clutch while he "earned his pinstripes" yet again. It was a dramatic and close matchup made all the more frustrating by Derryl Cousins probably paying off some huge debt to some goon somewhere. Too bad MLB has flushed its integrity down the television ratings toilet.

Vladimir Guerrero had a solo HR for the Angels, but the other two ribbies for the Halos were on a weak groundout (productive out) and a double play with the bases loaded. Not exactly the stuff that postseason dreams are made of...