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Angels Five Starters Superb Despite Disappearing Bats

Here is how awesome the pitching has been for the Angels...

Monday night’s game was the only time thru the order in the past 15 games that inherited runners left by an Angels starting pitcher scored. What follows is all of the scoring that has occurred with an Angels starting pitcher on the mound in each of their past three starts (15 games, 3 starts each).

John Lackey

  • D. Barton scored on J. Lackey's throwing error
  • B. Butler singled to second, W. Bloomquist scored

Joe Saunders

  • B. Pena singled to shallow center, D. DeJesus scored
  • M. Olivo homered to deep left
  • J. Nix homered to deep left

Ervin Santana

  • M. Sweeney singled to shallow left, F. Gutierrez scored
  • M. Jacobs singled to shallow right, D. DeJesus scored
  • A. Callaspo singled to shallow right, M. Maier scored
  • B. Butler homered to deep left, M. Maier scored
  • B. Butler singled to shallow right, J. Anderson scored
  • G. Beckham homered to deep left center
  • S. Podsednik hit an inside the park homerun to deep right
  • M. Kotsay safe at first on right fielder B. Abreu's fielding error, G. Beckham scored

Scott Kazmir

  • B. Hall doubled to deep center, M. Sweeney scored
  • B. Hall scored on M. Napoli's throwing error
  • F. Gutierrez homered to deep center
  • C. Quentin singled to shallow left, G. Beckham and P. Konerko scored

Jered Weaver

  • A Callaspo tripled to deep right center, M. Jacobs scored
  • K. Johjima homered to deep left center
  • J. Lopez homered to deep left
  • N. Swisher homered to deep right
  • M. Teixeira tripled to deep center, N. Swisher and J. Damon scored


  • Runs Allowed on…
  • ERRORS: 2
  • SINGLES: 7
  • DOUBLES: 1
  • TRIPLES: 2
  • HOMERS: 9

Of 19 hits that have batted in a run, only 3 have brought more than 1 run across the plate, a Billy Butler  2-Run HR in KC (by Santana), a Carlos Quentin 2-Run single in Anaheim on Saturday (by Kazmir) and the Mark Teixeira 2-Run triple last night (by Weaver).

The Angels are 10-5 in this stretch and most of that is entirely due to a singles-hitting offense that peaked in mid-August with many betters on quick regressions, especially Mike Napoli, Juan Rivera, Chone Figgins, Bobby Abreu and our hero Kendry Morales.

On the plus side, the last time the bullpen allowed an inherited runner to score before last night was August 25, when Jason Bulger allowed a sac fly to score a runner on 3rd in the 7th inning of a home game against Detroit.