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Umpires Hand Red Sox Victory

Final Score in Boston: Red Sox 9, Angels 8

Any fan that can cheer that game is a chump.

On the bright side, the Red Sox are really not that good when you consider they had to have crooked umpiring allow two strikeouts to not happen, had to call a Boston runner safe at 2B on a dropped transfer and overall handed the game to the Red Sox who were almost incapable of accepting the gift game from the Angels, who left 28 runners on base.

How lucky AND cruddy must the Red Sox be that they have to claw their way into a dramatic 9th inning victory in a  game where the opposition left 28 runners on base?

Terrible might be a better word, but the umps fixed this one on behalf of the MLB ratings crown and the Red Sox got the wink and the nod late.



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