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Week 24 Results!

3rd to last week! How did everyone do?

Well, it's another high scoring week! and coming out on top, for the 2nd week in a row, Sothball nabs 16 points! Congrats. How did you fare in week 24?

Overall, well... no surprise. 44FAN continues to lead the charts and well... let's just follow the race for 2nd.
The orange line has limited the survivers to those in the Top 20! (Did you know the top 20 can found on the sidebar?)

Though with Brew Angel's 5 point lead, that race might be a little tough too.
Wonder if we changed things up a bit, maybe we could make things interesting...

... hmmm.... well. Don't forget to make your next picks! They might count more than you think!

Nah. not really.