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Joe Saunders Dominates Yankees as Angels Win 90th

Final Score in Anaheim: Yankees: 2, Angels 5 ... The Angels Magic Number is Now 6. The earliest that they can clinch the American League West is Friday.

"See you fools in two or so weeks..." could have been the message sent by the shrug of Angels pitcher Joe Saunders as he walked off the mound two outs away from a complete game victory. Saunders told Jose Mota after the game that his team getting runs in the first inning made him much more relaxed.

The Angels lefty said he is loose and strong, especially compared to June and July. The college graduate then went on to excoriate free market economics in lamenting the large number of Yankees fans in attendance. Without regulation of who is able to acquire a ticket to a game, Joe's dream of an Angel Stadium game against the Yankees populated exclusively by Angels fans will remain a fantasy of team partisans and far-left socialists.

The 5 runs scored by the Angels tonight each came from different Angels: back-to-back doubles in the 1st inning by Valdimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter, a base hit with a man on 2nd by Erick Aybar in the 5th, a pinch-hit Solo HR by Kendry Morales in the 7th and a deep double in the bottom of the 8th with a man on by Juan Rivera. Heading into October, it is great to see more than just singles scoring baserunners. These guys are not just waiting for the other team's defensive floodgates to open.

The Yankees scored on two solo homers: one by Alex Rodriguez in front of his father in law, Snake Plisken, and the other a pinch hit HR by Hideki Matsui - coincidentally The Morales and Matsui homers were each the first ever pinch hit homeruns by both players.