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Playoff Atmosphere in Anaheim Sees Rare Angels Loss to Yankees

Final Score in Anaheim: Yankees 6, Angels 5 - with the Texas Loss, the Angels Magic Number is now 5. The earliest the Angels can clinch the division is Friday night at home against Oakland, Rob Neyer's preseason choice to win the AL West.

Kendry Morales - the smart, affordable alternative to Mark Teixeira - went 4 for 4, Chone Figgins went 3 for 5 with a rare HR, and the Angels capitalized on some Yankee mistakes to elbow their way back into a 5-0 game. Tied late, though, the good guys fell short of taking the lead despite ample opportunities presented by an overmatched Yankees squad running on road trip fumes and looking nothing like a division winner.

A few unfortunate Bronx home runs tarnished an above average Ervin Santana start, but the Angels erased a 5-0 lead. Angels pitching struck out 9 Yankees total in the game. Just when all of the momentum had landed in their corner, though, the middle of the Halo lineup wilted. Torii Hunter went 0 for 5 (although he did make an amazing diving catch in CF to rub a little of tonight's tarnish away), but our Karisma Kid looks pretty gassed coming down the stretch. Hunter left 4 men on base tonight.

Each Angel RBI came off the bat of a different Angel: Figgy's solo HR, a Gary Matthews pinch-hit single, a Vladimir Guerrero single, a Bobby Abreu bases loaded Walk and a Maicer Izturis single to tie the game in the 8th inning. So much for leaving your Isolated Power in the locker room.


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